"Of Mice and 'Manns"

"Of Mice and 'Manns"
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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Midship Detective Agency...Mann Version

One of the kids' favorite things to do on the ship was to play the Midship Detective game. I am reposting a video of our the kids playing the game on board. (I posted the video after our second cruise, but for comparison's sake, I thought I'd repost the original version of the game.)

For the party, I just knew that recreating the game was a MUST! I used my iPad, some of the Midship brochures that I brought home from the ship, the help of some of the important grown-ups in the birthday girl's life (her principal, assistant principal, science teacher, swim coach, and so on,) and a free online QR creator to make the game come to life on our family ship. It was a huge hit. The kids couldn't wait to get started, and they didn't TOUCH any of the crafts until they raced through the house finding all of the hidden clues. The party guests had to narrow down the list of Disney villain suspects to determine who stole Gracie's missing birthday present. Here's an explanation from the birthday girl herself, and Ashley, her friend and party guests: 

After all of the guests had finished the game we had a whole group review to make sure that everyone had solved the case, and then we located the missing present from the guilty suspect herself, Maleficent.

Finally, after Gracie wrestled her missing birthday present away from the evil villain, here is what she found in the garage......

As you can see, the game was huge fun! I will definitely be using the idea and the technology with the students at school, and maybe create more games in the future!

Stay tuned later in the week for more birthday fun. I will share some still shots from others' cameras, so that we have more to look at when the annual blog book is printed.

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