"Of Mice and 'Manns"

"Of Mice and 'Manns"
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock'n First Day

No matter how hard we try, we still can' t seem to stop the time. our baby is in the SECOND grade! She even looked a little older when I woke her up this morning. Since our school theme is, Rock'n and Roll'n to proficiency, we both wore our Crossroads Rock and Roll T-Shirts today (which were designed by my incredibly, amazingly, talented neice, Megan. Thanks again Meg!). The t-shirts were good because it was easy to plan the first day wardrobe, and she was excited to look like all of the teachers (just another perk to being a teacher's kid.) Bad, because she didn't look like her spiffy, dressy, first-day-of-school-self. That just means we'll have to dress up tomorrow.
Anyway, Gracie had a wonderful first day. She LOVES her teacher. Understandably so, since she has a great one. Casey Gesenhues isn't just a colleague I admire, but a friend, fellow blogger, and a UK fan as well, so the entire family approved. Here is Gracie and Casey (cute huh?) above.
Here's my big girl sitting at her desk. (If you look really close, you can even see the band aid on her chin that is cleverly hiding her back-to-school-stitch. See the story below for details.) She felt right at home. With Grace there are never any first day jitters. (Jax will be a different story, I'm sure.) The only surprise today happened when Gracie looked at her teacher and told her that she preferred to go by Jordyn. WHAT?? She even corrected her teacher a couple of times, "UM, Mrs. G? It's Jordyn, OK, not Gracie." The teacher felt bad since she already labeled everything with a GRACIE. I told her not to worry, the need to be called Jordyn phase will probably last as long as her need to wear glasses.
Before leaving, I had the teacher snap this pic of Gracie and Mommy, in our matching shirts. I hope this isn't the last year that she isn't too cool to kiss Mommy good-bye. I don't want to think about those days. In all she had a wonderful day, only 186 more to go!

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