"Of Mice and 'Manns"

"Of Mice and 'Manns"
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father's Day Dinner at Uno's

 After perusing the flea market on Father's Day. Hold your judgement, we LOVE the flea market!! We decided to stop in at Uno's for a Father's Day dinner. Jax had just gotten a new police gun and handcuff kit at the flea market and thought he should try it out on Papaw. Then, he was given the opportunity to make his own pizza.

 I love it when pizza places do this. I don't know why more of them don't. It's not like it costs extra money for the place, and it only makes the kids want to go back there again and again. Here is Jax's finished pizza. What a great Father's Day dinner. I could eat pizza every day and never get tired of it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day morning was a pretty normal Sunday. Kevin got up and made the family breakfast. You didn't think he would get a day out of the kitchen did ya? (In my defense, he CHOOSES to do this. He isn't forced.) Kev loves to cook us breakfast on Sunday morning, so this Sunday was no different. He did eat his breakfast on the blue plate however, and I did the dishes and clean-up as usual. 

Next, it was time for presents! I shared just yesterday how I stole an idea from Pinterest for the Dads' big gift this year. But it still wasn't as adorable as this portrait that Jax made of his Daddy. The resemblance is just uncanny you think? He nailed the ears!! And, Jax says he is wearing a "Tux-kito." This is definitely one we will be keeping!! 

Next, we have hand-made porcupine's made out of  styrofoam balls and golf t's. Even though my dad isn't much of a golfer, they were too adorable not to love. And Kev's Dad IS QUITE the golfer, so his will certainly go to good use!

 The autographed soft balls were a huge hit. We painted Gracie's hand, had her grip a softball, and then painted on the hand, "Number one daddy and coach," OR "World's best Papaw and Sponsor," OR "To my number one fan," on the fingers of the handprint. We then signed her name and date inside a heart on her palm. Finally, we finish it off by putting them in those plastic cubes that you put autographed balls in. They were loved by all! Happy Father's day to three of the most loving, and amazing men on the planet. I truly would be lost without you!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day Project

 I HATE it when I do really cool things and folks say, "Oh cute, did you get that from Pinterst!!??"

For Father's Day I always try to slave over a very adorable, very witty project for Kev and the Grandpa's. This year, I had Gracie make custom autographed softballs for her Daddy that said, World's Best Daddy and Coach, and additional balls for her Grandpa Ford who sponsors the team, and Papaw Mann who has not missed a rain-out game even though he gets soaked just trying to make it to the field. NOT A PINTEREST idea!!

But now a days you can't have a good idea without someone asking where you saw it on Pinterest. Girl please!! I've had great ideas YEARS before YOU ever knew Pinterest was a thing!! It took more than a year before my friend Casey could talk me into even visiting Pinterest, let alone joining.

..........That being said, this idea did come from Pinterest. Insert snickers here.....

I had plans of having the kids lay on the grass and make the letters DADDY and PAPAW on the ground with their bodies. Problem is, they are MY kids. Just asking them to do anything together, collectively, without fighting is like asking them for a blood sample. So after just the D and the A, threatening them both with grounding, and seeing  spider crawl across Gracie's arm, I gave up and went to consult the Pinterest community. (Okay, you know me well. It was the spider that did it! And shhhhh! I didn't tell Gracie about the spider!) Here's what I found....

If you are a woman you will probably get it. If you are a man let me help. Follow the lines and angles that the kids' arms are making. Start at the bottom with the "V" then follow Gracie's arm as it makes a slight angle, rounds up at the top, and comes together at a "V" at the top. Then follow Jax's arms as it rounds out, comes down a slight angle, and then joins with Gracie's at a "V" again at the bottom. They are making a heart with their hands. Get it!? Try it again, you will. In the middle is the final sentiment....We love you Daddy, or We love you Papaw. My favorite part of the entire project is how still and behaved Rupp sat for the final picture. It may have taken forever to print the final collage at Walgreens, but I love the finished product!! Now that I have had a great Pinterest idea, I promise to come up with the next dozen on my own. That is if y'all promise not to ask me every single time I show you something cool, "Hey, did you get that from Pinterest?"

Happy Father's Day Y'all!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baseball Update

Kevin has waited so long to have a son to share his love of all things sports with, to teach how to catch and throw and bat and ..........

THEN, along came Jackson! As I have mentioned before, Jackson is not really interested in doing anything at all that involves catching, throwing, kicking, or handling a ball at all. This is devastating news to his father, and even more surprising to all the folks that look at my BIG BIG kid that was built for all things sports, and think "Wow, look at that kid. He is going to be a monster on the field, court, or whatever arena he chooses." Bad news is: he may be built for the "game," but he has his mother's athletic abilities, and interests. Jax would rather take apart your iPad or build you a race car than practice hitting a ball. A lot of folks are telling me that he may grow out of this. Or that his sports interest will pick up with age. I can only hope so. But, if it doesn't he promises to build Mommy her very own, flying, drive-itself, custom, Kentucky Wildcat themed Mustang someday. I'm sure that he will make more money than all of us combined designing custom-made rides for the stars someday. Then I will remind his Daddy and Papaw how disappointed they were when his little league practices and games were not his favorite ways to spend his time. 

All in all, he is getting better. He made contact with a ball this past game. It was SO EXCITING for all of us. Until they called it a foul ball. Foul ball!?? Let my baby run!! I'll never understand this game!! But I was super proud of my little Mann! Keep it up baby, you'll get there! 

Ahh, the high five line!!!
MY FAVORITE part of the game!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fifth Grade Night

Wednesday, June 4th, was a very emotional day for us all. We had to celebrate the END of Gracie's elementary days at Crossroads' fifth grade graduation program. Did you hear that? I said the END!! The time has come that I have to send my baby off to middle school. I know that everyone has to do this, and I know that many of you are saying, "Buck it up lady! Mine's graduating high school." Well that's really sad, and I feel for you. But, what you may be forgetting is that Gracie has spent the last six years in the SAME building with me. She and I have driven to school every morning together, and have been a part of the same school "staff" for six long years. (She has always seen herself as being just as much as a school employee as I am.) Sending her to middle school is like loosing a trusted colleague, traveling buddy, and teacher's aid. It truly makes me a nervous wreck that I won't be in the same building with her anymore. To make matters worse, I realized that this is the ONLY year that Gracie, Jax, and I will be under the same roof. I can't believe how fast she is growing up, and regardless of how excited she is to go to the middle school, I couldn't be more sad about seeing her off. I'll never make it through high school graduation!!!!!

Gracie actually had a solo part in the fifth grade chorus performance during
the program. As if the night wasn't emotional enough! 

Memorial Day Friends

We have a tradition in the Mann Family to go tot he Dayton Memorial Day Parade every year. I usually post TONS of pix of my little ones. However, this year, we had new "little ones" to hang out with. The "G" family brought the babies down to the parade. It was so exciting to view the parade through their eyes. It has been such a long time since I've been able to watch the parade with such tiny friends. I have so much respect for my friends Casey and John! It was really a tall job to keep the babies from eating all of the "treasures" they found on the ground, keep them out of the parade route, and keep them entertained for the duration. They have such an important and tiring job. I LOVED having baby G's there for the parade. I cherish any time I get to spend with them, and can't wait to meet the new baby G...coming in July! Thanks for sharing the day with us Gesenhues Clan!  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Green Screen Fun

This past weekend we had our school carnival at Crossroads Elementary. I was responsible for working the new "Green Screen Photo Booth." The green screen is a super cool new tool that the PTO purchased for our technology club (of which I am also a faculty co-sponsor.) The students got to choose from one of numerous backgrounds that we previously downloaded during our club meeting, and pose for really cool pics. The one above has to be one of my favorites. It's really exciting being the celebrity 'Y' at Rupp Arena.

 Above, Gracie is posing with her 5th grade social studies teacher on the grand staircase of the Titantic, and below she is posing under the Hollywood sign with one of our third grade teachers who also lives in our neighborhood.

And it took me 30+ years to get a smooch from Jordan Knight of NKOTB, but thanks to the green screen I was finally able to make it happen!! What a fun day!