"Of Mice and 'Manns"

"Of Mice and 'Manns"
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Visiting Old Friends

When our neighbors told us last year that they were moving away, we were devastated to learn that Gracie would be going back to Campbell County. We loved Community Christian Academy. It gave our child a Christian education that completely closed the academic gap that had developed between she and her peers due to the poor instruction she received the year before. She made friends with great kids that loved her, and went to school everyday knowing that her teachers loved her too. Her days began and ended with prayer. God's word was an integral part of her academic life, and we were comforted to know that she was exactly where He wanted her to be. 

The transition back to Campbell County was not one that I was looking forward to. It has been difficult, but thanks to her marching band family, it has been working. However, she really misses her CCA family. So, when she had a fall break, the first thing she wanted to do was visit her old friends and teachers. We took the 8th grade class cupcakes and she had lunch with her friends. I was moved to tears when the kids all came down, tackled her with hugs, and welcomed her like she had never left. The teachers did the same. I wish we could still be at CCA, but am working on understanding that God has us right where we are supposed to be when we are there. I just have to trust Him to know that she will continue to grow in Campbell County Schools now that He has brought us back. 

It was a great visit, and Gracie has already asked if she can come back at Christmas. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Ark Encounter

For fall break, Dad and I took the kids on a little "stay-cation." We usually rush off for a little getaway, but this week it was great to get a chance to spend a little time appreciating some local attractions. The kids and I had been wanting to visit the Ark since it opened. Since the creators of the Ark used the exact specifications in the bible, I knew how big the ark would be. However, nothing could prepare me for seeing it for the first time. Seeing this, dare I use the term, boat, is astounding and breathtaking to say the least. You just have to take some time to stare in utter amazement before you are able to look inside.  Once you do make it inside though, the wonders continue. 

The Answers in Genesis folks make it incredibly clear that yes, there were dinosaurs on the ark. God told Noah to take two of every "kind" of animal into the ark. He also told Noah that HE would bring the animals to the ark. Noah didn't have to go look for them. God's a pretty smart guy! He would not have sent the biggest and oldest dinosaurs to Noah. Bible experts say that the dinosaurs on the ark were anywhere between the size of a chicken and a pony. The ark encounter does a perfect job demonstrating to visitors exactly how Noah was able to fit "all those animals, even the dinosaurs," on the ark. Even the most skeptical critics can find answers to their biggest doubts! 

If you are wondering if you should take your little animals to the ark, the answer is YES YES YES!! So much of the ark is catered to the youngest of visitors. The kids had just as much fun as I did. They learned more than I could have ever taught them about Noah and his story. Seeing this part of the bible come to life in front of their very eyes had more of an impact than years of what they have been taught in church (and I firmly believe that our church has the best children's department on the globe, so that's saying a lot.) 

These doors were hands-down, my favorite part of the ark. Not only are they wondrous to see, but understanding the way in which these doors represent Christ our Savior make them even more beautiful.  God told Naoh to include ONE set of doors on the ark. One. Imagine what fire code would have to say about that! There was a reason for this. These doors were the ONE and ONLY escape for Noah and his family to make from a world of sin, watery judgement, and death. The ONLY escape. Likewise, Jesus is our ONE and ONLY escape from sin. Our only way to escape eternal death and hell. 

This door was to be built on the side of the ark. While our savior was hanging on the cross, shedding his blood for you and me, he was pierced in his side for our transgressions. 

Finally, Noah was told that God would shut those doors. He would do it in His time. God will also shut that door for us in His own time. Only He knows when the "door will be shut." There will soon come a day when the door shuts, and it will be too late to escape our own death and condemnation. 

What can you do? WALK THROUGH THE DOOR! Jesus, like this door, is the only escape from this world of sin. It is the only escape from eternal death and hell. Please don't wait another minute. This door could shut today. Are you ready for the flood?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Recently Dad and I took the kids to another one of those escape room challenges. (That has become quite the family hobby lately with the kids and I.) This escape room happened to be directly next door to mine and Kevin's first home. This is the condo that Kevin owned when he and I first met. The bench where I am sitting is the exact spot that mine and Kev's first date ended. He and I had gone to the movies and he stopped by to show me where he lived. We didn't go in, but did spend some time talking on this overlook. I have to be honest and admit that I was hoping for a good night kiss. Sadly, I was denied. But, it all worked out in the end. About 18 months later I called that condo home myself, and I've been getting my good-night kisses for almost 18 years now!  

The Band Gene is DOMINANT!

As I share these pictures, I couldn't be more proud! As you know, Mommy is an ex-band-geek 
(12 years marching, + 10 years teaching thank you very much!) Her Daddy is also a High School and College marching alum. So, I am not at all surprised that our daughter is now marching in our footsteps.  Of course she wanted to take after her daddy and play the sax, but Mommy wins few battles around here. Even thought she opted not to spin, I am so excited to see her on the field, and am enjoying every second of seeing our little music/marching protege in action. She is quite the natural and I have a feeling she will be twice the musician her parents ever were!  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Portrait of Me

I had to share this. My little friend, Macy Kate drew this picture of me. I've never looked better, and when I look back on this bitsy blog years from now, I will take great joy in seeing this precious picture. Thanks Macy! 

Kev's Day of the Dead

I'm not going to pretend that I know enough to comment on any of these pictures. I DO NOT share my husband's affinity for the Walking Dead. I think he and Gracie fascination with the show is quite disturbing. But, this was a special day for Kev, so I feel the need to document it on our little family memory spot. I don't even know enough about this show to explain what is going on in these pictures. I do like the look of joy on Kevin's face, so enjoy the pics of Kev's day in Zombie Land?????

This guy is quite important as well. I think he is the creator of the show. Or the writer, or the producer, or someone? I'm just excited that Kevin got to meet him. It'd kind of be like me if Chris Harrison of the bachelor walked up to me on the street.

Home Improvement Stage One

For ten years I have had this mustard yellow color on both my living room and dining room walls. It was exactly what I wanted in 2006 when we moved in. But, the time has come to make a CHANGE!! 
I've wanted a red wall for as long as I can remember. But, I'm not the bravest decorator. I shy away from major statements. After years of chicken'ing out, I did it. I couldn't be happier with the results. It is such a warm and cozy room now. I cannot wait to finish the room with our new living room furniture. Too bad we have to wait another month. After the furniture arrives, I can finally decorate the walls. Right now it is just a blank canvas just ready to be painted. 

The kitchen needed a complete overhaul. 
The yellow walls could not have been in worse shape. We even went with sub-par paint when we donned the yellow walls. I loved the red walls so much we added an unexpected red wall in the kitchen. I also went way out there and darkened the cabinets. I figured the the red wall was a huge step, I might as well keep up the bold streak. I'm so excited about the finished product. Next chore is to find a light fixture for the kitchen. The shade was meant to be a hillbilly fix for a temporary problem. That was two years ago!! It's a work in progress, but I couldn't be more excited about it.