"Of Mice and 'Manns"

"Of Mice and 'Manns"
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Funny Man

Jax has a new hobby. He loves to tell jokes! He now has several apps and websites hat he loves to use to find new material. The best part about it all is that he usually gets the jokes, and his big sister does not, which only makes his comedy shows that much more entertaining. He kept our new friends on the cruise entertained the entire week with his jokes, and even earned a nickname for his funnies. Here are a few of his faves: 

* What kind of cheese CAN'T you touch? 
   NACHO cheese!

* What does a triceratops sit on? 
  His Tracer - bottom. 

* What do you call something that is black, white, black, white, black, white, ......
  A penguin rolling down a hill.

* What is a shark's favorite game? 
   SWALLOW the leader! 

* What do you call a person who doesn't like to fart in front of anyone? 
   A private tutor! 

* What do you do if there's a kidnapping? 
   Wake him up! 

* Why don't crows ever get hit by cars? 
    Because there is always one crow up in a tree yelling "Caw, Caw!" 

WARNING!!! This is the only joke that he doesn't get. He says that he heard it on a video, and doesn't really understand why it is funny I am SOOOOO glad that he doesn't get it! 

* What is a horse's favorite book? 
   50 Shades of Hay! 

Told ya!! You can imagine my reaction right? 

Although he loves to tell jokes, sometimes the things that come out of his mother are just funny. Not scripted funny. Not rehearsed funny. Just funny. He's a funny kid. 

Yesterday we got into the car and he said, "Yuck, it stinks in here! It smells like throw-up." "I don't smell anything." I insist. "Well," he says, "You need to get some fabreeze, because you've gone Nose Blind!" I mean really? Where he comes up with this stuff I have no idea. But, he has a personality that won't quit! I love my funny man. 

Stay tuned for more of Jax's Jokes. I will post his favorites! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Camp Girl

The first time I sent Gracie to camp I cried like a baby. I was terrified to send her off by herself. I overpacked. I worried. I wrote her letters to open every night that she was there. I was, well, CRAZY! Gracie is a camp natural! She loves it! She had been looking forward to going to camp this summer as much as she was looking forward to going to Disney. I actually don't understand it. If my folks would have sent me to camp, I'd have sworn they didn't love me anymore. It's just one more way my little girl and I are night and day different from one another. She is little Miss Nature-lover, and I am.... NOT! 

I'd love to share more pictures of Gracie's camp experience, but like a true camp (really, I don't get it,) she was not permitted to take any electronics. So, I have no pictures of the week to share. I did manage to snap a couple before she left before she tossed me out on my tail. Above is a typically mommy-forced stand still and say cheese pictures. Below is Jax's response when they made the announcement that it was time for parents to leave. He couldn't wait to start his sisterly torment free week. But, by about day three he insisted that he missed her. Either way, the face says it all! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Saying Good-bye

I say this every year, but I have to say it again. Leaving the Disney Dream stinks! There are always tears. (Even though the kids are getting better at hiding them.) You make connections with everyone from the people you meet on the beach, to the people who make your bed at night, to the people (who we adopt as part of our family,) that take care of you in the dining room. The folks on the ship are amazing. It is truly an experience of a lifetime that I cannot put into words! We are already planning our next trip! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Disney Momentos

There's no way to actually show a picture of ALL of the souvenirs that we bring back from Disney. I usually have to sneak an extra carry on just to help carry everything. So, I will show a few of our favorites. The above bag is Gracie's new prized possession. She caught eye of it the first night we were on the ship. She swore that she would not ask for ANYTHING else the entire trip if she got that bag! (I think you all know how that goes.) But, Kevin made a bet with her that he was certain he couldn't loose. "If you do not talk back, roll your eyes, or argue with your mother the entire time we are on this ship, I will buy you that bag," he says. This, he thought, was a bet he would win in a matter of hours. Problem is, since Gracie spent all of her time running around with her new friends and hanging out at the tween club on board, I didn't see her. She didn't have a chance to argue with me. She played the entire situation quite well; I'm actually really impressed. She's sure to be the envy of her friends with this beauty on her back on the first day of school! 

I made these two canvasses for Jax and I to get autographed on the ship. After dropping them off at the front desk, the characters signed the artifacts and they were delivered to our room the last night of the cruise. It is sad to say that this service is no longer available on the Dream after this fall. I will REALLY miss this!! Our favorite souvenirs have come from the Dream and the Autographing service. The above picture will be hung in his room or the toy room, and the below picture is already hanging outside my classroom. It was a huge hit at open house! 

It's crazy to believe, but jackson has actually lost THREE teeth now on the Dream. In October, he lost TWO teeth, and this trip he lost one. Just like Disney, there is a button for everything. This was left on our bed as part of our turn-down service after our "MouseKeeping" assistant Nyoman found out about Jax's missing tooth. We now have three of these!  

Finally, these are my favorite souvenirs. I also made these for myself and Gracie (she has an identical pair.) They have now been signed my Mickey and Minnie. What's better than SHOES? Shoes signed my Mickey the Mouse that's what! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Days at the Beach

It's crazy that ALL of our family "portraits" for the last who knows how many years have all happened on Disney property. We haven't had a formal family picture taken since Jackson was a "lap baby." Since then all of our best shots have been taken in front of the castle, in front of the ship, or on the sandy beach of Castaway Key. So in the spirit of tradition, and sharing our annual family portrait session, I give you beach day! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meet the Anderson's

One of the highlights of our vacation this year was meeting the Anderson Family! While waiting for an evening show the first night of the trip we met Scott and Tracy Anderson. They were there with their kids Parker, Victoria, and Kellyn. We hit it off instantly. Scott and Tracy were amazing. Their Christian spirit is honestly the first thing that we noticed about them. Their kids were even more awesome. Although Parker is 13 years old, he took to Jax instantly and actually thought it was cool to hang out with a "little kid." Jax adored him immediately. Victoria became instant friends with Gracie, and for the rest of the trip their were attached at the hip. Saying good-bye to the Anderson Family was one of the saddest parts of leaving the trip. Too bad they live in Colorado! I have a feeling that Gracie will continue to keep in touch with her new friends for years to come.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Mommy

For the first time we actually celebrated a family birthday on the Dream....MINE! I have to tell you there is no better place to celebrate your birthday then at Disney! I wore a button that advertised my special day, and I couldn't walk three feet without having someone sing Happy Birthday to me in various accents and languages!

To celebrate my birthday we took a very special excursion. We took off to the Atlantis Resort and Water Park. There we were able to enjoy the largest wave pool and lazy river in the world. The weather was divine, and everyone got along all day. (That, by far, was the best present for Mommy!) Look at those smiles. It's the best thing a mom could ask for on her birthday.

 I know that I'm not in many of these pictures, but I was the one behind the camera. I love this shot of the kids and Kev in the pool. The kids and I get to spend so much time together over the summer since I am off. But, Kev doesn't have that luxury, so when we have time to spend together like this, it is so important to me to capture it.

Present time!!! My loving husband got me a massage at the Disney salon while on board. I will go on record for saying that I didn't have high hopes when I met the 4'9'' (probably 90 pound,) Philippine woman who would be giving me my massage. I mean how intense could she be? I regret that thought. It was the best massage I have ever had. Lady has the strength of ten men! She also took it upon herself to include hot stones in the massage, which was my first hot stone experience. She did the work of a chiropractor and a masseuse all in one. It was amazing! I felt like a bowl of jello for the rest of the day! 

While in Downtown Disney, my parents decided to treat me at my favorite store. They see my eyes light up at the very sight of the Disney Christmas store, and my Dad allowed me to pick out some new Christmas treasures for my July birthday. SO ME, right? I cannot wait to add the Mickey train figurine (above) to the mantle, and the Disney train (below) around my Disney tree in just a few short months (when I decorate on November the first!) 

And last, but not least, take a look at this little pretty! My in-laws bought me this stunning Kentucky Dooney and Bourke. Isn't she gorgeous!? All of my purses, with an exception of my other UK purse from Dad, came from the Flea Market. So, I can honestly say that I have never had anything like this hanging from my shoulder. They gave it to me the night before we left so I couldn't wait to take her home and get her ready for the trip. Thanks to my family (the Manns, The Fords, AND the Disney's,) it was an amazing birthday. One I will compare all others to for years to come!