"Of Mice and 'Manns"

"Of Mice and 'Manns"
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jax Hits the Basket

So we have searched feverishly for a sport that Jackson will not only be willing to play, but will enjoy. Much to his Daddy and Grandfathers' dismay he would much rather take something apart and see how it works, than play with a ball! He has already retired from baseball, and has decided after just a couple of games that basketball may not be for hime either. He has mentioned being open to soccer next. Daddy and both of his Papaws are all quite athletic, but unfortunately, he takes after his mother when it comes to coordination. It's a shame, he is cute as a button in every uniform he wears, he just doesn't plan on going pro in any of them. 

We are, however, hoping that we can talk him into trying basketball for another season, because at his last practice he actually learned how to hit the basket! He is a quick learner, because once he hit it once, he quickly made 7 baskets afterward. We will see how things go.  In the meantime, Mommy will continue to be his biggest fan! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Traditions and Surprises

It has never been any secret, I HATE Valentines Day. I always have, and always will. I just do not believe that someone should show you love because the calendar stipulates it. I mean, do NOT buy me flowers because it's Valentine's Day, but me flowers because it's Tuesday and I'm awesome! Several years ago, I decided that since I didn't want to be smacked in the face with romance, we would celebrate (or rather mock,) the stupid holiday at a place that is about as far away from your mind as can be when you think Valentine's Day. Thus, Hooters became an annual Valentine tradition. This was my choice, not his. And notice, we did NOT wear red!! 

 Jax celebrated Valentine's day by loosing not one, but TWO teeth! He lost one bright and early in the morning, way before we were ready to wake up. We still haven't found it in the bed. I don't have the heart to tell him he actually could have swallowed it. He lost the other at Granny and Papaw's house, where they spent the night. He has an adorable new smile to show for the exciting day!

I have to say, this was a surprise that I wasn't quite ready for. Will, who has lived down the street from us since Gracie was three-years-old, has been her "boyfriend" since they were toddlers. His parents and us have had a ball watching their puppy love grow over the past 9 years. Even so, nothing would have prepared me for the fact that he actually bought her a real Valentine and showed up to present it to her. Since he knew that Will had bought something for Gracie, Kevin actually permitted Gracie to buy something for Will in return. (I'm not sure what we are doing to ourselves here!) Anyway, it was a little too cute to see when he came knocking on the door with a teddy bear and candy. Gracie returned the gesture with a Duck Dynasty heart-shaped box covered in HAIR. So fitting, right? UGH! God give me strength for the years to come! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom and Welcome Cookie!

On the same day as Jackson's surgery, my mom celebrated her birthday and was in for a huge surprise. A huge surprise in a very TINY package that is. She had been complaining for as long as I can remember that she wanted a puppy. My dad, not being a huge animal guy, has been squashing the request for years. She posted on FaceBook the night before her birthday that the only thing she wanted for her birthday was a dog, but that Dad kept saying no. 

After a lot of thinking, and second guessing, Dad agreed to go shopping for a little lap dog that Mom could call her own. He let the kids and I pick him out. We settled on this adorable creature. He is a Havanese puppy (I really thought that the dog was a mix, but he happens to be a pure breed. I had just never heard of them before.) His name was Cookie when we went to pick him up, and it just stuck! 

He's not much bigger than a cookie, so I guess it is fitting. He is cute as a button, so it is really hard to get mad at him when he pees in the house, chews on everything, nips at you, and makes a mess. (Needless to say, he is a typical puppy.) I'm not sure who loves visiting Cookie more, the kids or I. 

Welcome to the family little guy!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tubes, Adenoids, and Popsicles

Two weeks ago, Jax had a minor surgery to remove his adenoids and to get tubes in his ears. Even though the surgery IS minor, (especially compared to what our family has been through lately,) NO experience that involves your child being put under anesthesia is minor in a Mommy's heart.

He looked and felt so small as they were getting him ready for the procedure. He was really nervous. When the doctor asked him if he had any questions, he said, "I am really nervous about this you know!" The doctor was so complimentary about he fact that Jackson was so articulate about his feelings. He said that typically kids his age just cling to mom when they are scared and do not express their thoughts to the doctor. When the doctor asked him again if he had any questions, Jax asked, "Now is this a fusion surgery?" The doctor, as you would expect, looked at us like we were crazy, an said, "NO WAY!" He then went on to stress to Jackson that he would have no scars, no incisions, no hospital stay, and no experience anything close to his sister's.

The surgery went off without a glitch. The nurses said that Jackson was a very loving and enjoyable patient. Was very kind and calm throughout the entire procedure. When they called me back to the recovery room, I found him lounging in a recliner with a popsicle in his hand. He was really tired and mopey for the rest of the day, but was back to normal by dinner time. Such a trooper buddy. I was so proud of my little man!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy 100th Day!

On February 7th, our school celebrated our 100th day of school. If you have little ones you know that the 100th day is always a big deal. Since I am right next door to Jackson's classroom, I get to see Jax throughout the day, and get to celebrate special days with him. The assignment was to dress like you were 100-years-old. I have to say, he was the cutest old geezer I've ever seen! His teacher got into the spirit too. It is really special to be so close with your child's teacher. Marcy and I collaborate everyday, all day. She has been great for Jackson, and he loves her so much! My favorite part of his get-up? The bow tie. It was actually Kev's when he was little. I could just see him now in his three-piece suit. Such a special day!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

They've Still Got the Right Stuff!

This will be no surprise to ANY of you, but I have already started a countdown to my next New Kids concert!! I am thinking this is concert number 19 for me, but it will be Gracie's 2nd. The last time I took her, I made her a shirt that says "Mommy named me Jordan!" She also was forced to wear a hat with a hole cut in the top. She thought it was crazy, but she was surprised a the number of compliments that she received at the concert. I loved sharing my love for my favorite band with my favorite girl. Just about a month ago, my husband and my dad heard that the guys were coming back to town in May. Without telling one another, they both bought tickets for me. Kevin told me the day they went on sale, and I celebrated down he hall at school. The next day, I found out about Dad's tickets and went crazy again, because his tickets were even better. (They are on the floor right next to the stage!!) Kevin and I decided to try to resell our tickets on StubHub. They are going for quite a profit right now. Maybe with what we make, it will cover the cost of souvenirs! Can't wait to see the "Five bad brothers from the bean town land!" They've definitely still got "The Right Stuff." We just have to "Hang Tough" until May. Okay, okay, I'll stop! For now. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cavalcade With Papaw

As Gracie was recovering and spending so much time at home, Jackson often got cabin fever. Dad and I would look for special things to do with him to get him out of the house. When the Cavalcade came to town, we knew that it was right up Jax's alley. He loves all things with wheels, and just as we thought he was in heaven at the car show. The highlight of the show for him was seeing the Delorian from the Back to the Future movies. He is obsessed with time travel since discovering the old movies, and was overjoyed to get his picture taken in front of Marty's car! 

However, the highlight of the event for me was watching Dad educate Jax on all of the different makes and models and models of cars, car parts, and the ins-and-outs of the cars. It was precious to see, and I think I will cherish these shots forever. Hopefully, Jax will know how to take care of Mommy's car in the future!